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Advertising Standards Authority Services
My previous position as Head: Legal and Regulatory Affairs at the Advertising Standards Authority, combined with my legal knowledge and experience, makes me the ideal person to assist with ASA related matters. I offer services to lawyers and directly to marketers.

For lawyers, my specialist knowledge and abilities enables you to provide a quality service to your client.

For the marketer, as a creative person I understand the frustration of having your ideas regulated, but as a legal person I understand the rules. I keep your communication with the ASA simple and effective, and help you create advertising that is legal, clear and fun. I offer:
  • Pre-publication advice – from brief to execution
  • Opinions on specific concerns in specialist areas of advertising
  • Advice on substantiation
  • Assistance with ASA complaints and advice on whether to pursue a matter through the ASA
  • Assistance in applying an ASA ruling to a new campaign or amended advertisement
  • Placement advice
  • Sponsorship and ambush marketing advice
  • Advice on labelling and packaging
  • International perspectives
  • Training on ASA Code

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