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The question that I am most often asked is how I manage to make space to be a writer when I have a day-career as a lawyer and am a hands on mom. The answer lies in a new way of thinking about our lives – gone are the days of each person only being allowed one job or role. The new catch phrase is “portfolio living” and the idea is that each of us has several portfolios. Gone are the days when we have to choose one expertise – there is nothing to stop one person being an expert in two, often unrelated, things.

Many people experience extraordinary frustration because they want to be more creative, but they can’t figure out how to make a creative space in their practical lives. They know that they don’t want to throw up their careers and become a starving artist, so they give up on their creativity all together.

MY new portfolio – clear creativity – aims to help people make a creative space in a practical life.

clear creativity services

I offer three services to help you or your employees make a creative space in your practical lives:
  • Keynote speaking
  • Workshops – for corporates or individual attendance
  • Mentoring
Keynote speaking
For many corporate workers, the issue of making a creative space in their practical lives is one that leaves them feeling empty and frustrated. My tailor made keynote addresses can spark some inspiration in your work force – and the bonus is that I explain that you don’t have to quit your day job to be happy.
Contact me to tailor make a talk for your event.

Join me for a fun morning where we explore how to make a creative space in your practical life – and what your creative space might be. Interactive, creative and lots of fun. Each morning is limited to ten participants for maximum impact.
Contact me for prices and dates.

Whether you embark on this as your own personal project, or are a corporate who recognises that certain employees need a creative space in order to be happy, one-on-one mentoring might be the answer for you. In 45 minute sessions – as many or as few as you need – we develop a plan and a space for personal creativity.
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