Corporate Training

Clear Copy offers the following exciting corporate training courses:

ASA Code Training

This one day workshop covers the core areas of the ASA Code for Advertising and marketing professionals.
Gail Schimmel, the founder of Clear Copy, is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the area of advertising law and the ASA in South Africa, and conducts all workshops herself.
The training covers the overall structure of the ASA, the Code and the process. It focuses on the core clauses of the Code that all practitioners should be aware of. This course is not limited in terms of participants.

Plain Language Training
This two day workshop covers all aspects of plain language writing for corporates and in-house legal staff. It focuses on clear, effective communication as well as CPA compliant communication.
The first day comprises a training session on the principles of plain language communication.
The second day, which is held a week later, is one-on-one half hour sessions with each of the attendees, focusing on a piece of their own work and their areas of difficulty.
This course is limited to 10 participants.

Fiction Writing
Gail is a published novelist, and fiction writing is her true passion. This one day course is a condensed version of a six week course that she designed and offers. It teaches some of the techniques that are used by writer’s to write fiction.
This course is ideal as a team building, light hearted course for staff members who write in their day-to-day jobs. While it is fun, and fiction based, it teaches some important writing tricks that will stand the participant in good stead in their day jobs too.
This course is limited to 10 participants.

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